Colors Collection - Dart - Santini Italia penne stilografiche e in Serie Limitata Made in Italy

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Dart - DRT001

Dart - DRT001

210,00 € Aggiungi
Dart - DRT002

Dart - DRT002

210,00 € Aggiungi
Colors Collection - Dart

Our basic model uses a special colouring process, to be able to offer new colours and decorations.
This special process, which is also manual, makes the colour of each pen unique and irreproducible. In other words, you will never find two identical pieces.
Moreover, the 18k gold nib makes these pens precious and unique.

Model: Dart
Fabric pattern
Available in 2 colors: yellow and blue
Fountain Pen or roller ball

Decorative pois body and cap pattern, gold plated metal parts
Lifetime International Wattanty on color

Material: mashined acrylic resin
Length: 13,5 cm.
Weight: 36 gr. (FP)
Gold nib 18 KT size 6 (M, F, XF)

If you need a special size nib like STUB or B please contact our costumer service

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