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Why gold and not steel?

Gold is the most ductile metal in nature, it means that 1 gram of pure gold 24 kt can be laminated reaching one square meter! This quality is very important for nibs because a stripe of gold can reach a very high flexibility. Besides, gold nib production can be achieved only with deep know how experience, as well as, a real skilled artisan craftsmanship.

Giving you a pleasure of writing,  with our "know how" we can produce for you a stiff nib, when required, or a very flexible ones, to show all your writing personality.

Our nib is made of a 18 kt solid gold and requires more than 16 manual steps before being tried at the last step, when touching the ink.

Starting from the small squared gold piece, which is laminated in several steps, to make its flexible tip yet solid but his body thin and elastic, and one micro bead of Iridium, smaller than a millimeter is welded on its tip.

The Iridium is a metal more precious than gold and so durable that will allow you to write the whole life. To complete the body of the nib we cut it in half with a spinning blade thinner than a human hair....

But do you know what is the most precious thing? It is the hand of skilled craftsman, who passionately and fully manually try the tip of the nib smoothing with wisdom and experience its tip into countless positions of his hand with one ambition: to make you write with pleasure. This is our work, our passion and this way we thank you for choosing our own creation.

A Santini gold nib goes through many manual production steps, and each nib can be compared to a jewel, far from industrial production of steel nibs.  

We don't produce steel nibs to offer you our uncompromising writing experience.   

Our company produce solid gold nibs in different sizes and can personalize a nib for you if you have a special request.

  • M
  • F
  • EF
  • B
  • STUB

    • FLEXY

Santini Italia flexy gold nib

Our flexy gold nib goes through many stamping and laminating steps, to reach a half of the thickness of the  regular one, the hole at the end of the slit in the middle of the nib, is positioned further back than the regulars one.
With a little pressure of your hand, with our F Flexy nib, you can go from F to M & Broad size.


After many tests we are pleased to inform our customers, that the best performance of our flexy nib is only with our special ebonite feeder expressly made for it. The reason is that an easy and quick flexibility requires a bigger and constant flow of ink.

Hence, we are sorry to inform you that only the piston filling models can mount our flexy nib and  it is not  available on all models. All the same we are working in order to give the best performance also for the converter  pens in the future.

Flexy nib is available on models: Libra, Libra Ebonite, Michelangelo, Calypso, Nonagon, Tour Eiffel, Costa Smeralda, Laguna Blue..

Example of writing from our Official instagram page:

Super flexy gold nib

A superflexy gold nib is more indicated  for calligraphy and  requires a slow writing.

Santini Italia Italic gold nib

Cursive Italic nibs - you might hear the word "cursive" used when describing a kind of italic nib. This is usually where the nib master smooths the contact line of the nib and the corners so that what is contacting the paper is a little smoother and more forgiving for normal Italic writing.

Santini Italia gold nib for Chinese writing

We introduce our new gold nib made for Chinese writing.
The nib is made in collaboration with Chinese calligraphers to dare the maximum performance in a Chinese calligraphy that enhances the concentration of lines and angles.

Nib performance

All our nibs are checked three times during production, then after polishing and at the end, tested for writing.
Wondering if your nib will be perfect? Yes! Every detail is carefully checked.  Each nib is mounted on the tester pen and checked for writing before shipping.
Along with your order, you will receive the test of your nib, as the guarantee of the perfect performance.
We care a lot about our work and we want our writing instrument to be perfect and the  customer satisfied.

Is it possible to buy a single nib? Sure! Please contact our customer service. Soon you can do it online, we are working to give you this possibility.

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