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Michelangelo Aura blue

€ 550 (VAT not incl.)

Twelve faces made from a material never used for this pen model : the ebonite.  
This unique material was the first used for the production of pens in the history of writing.
Italian Heritage.

100% Made in Italy
Limited edition 98/98

temporarily out of stock
550.00 €

Ebonite was the first material used for the production of pens in the history of writing. Each piece has its own coloration that makes it unique. A long and expert processing and a fully hand-crafted polished will make you appreciate all the beauty of this material: light, touch-pleasing and refined. The precious rings that decorate the body, are made from fusion as in the best tradition of Italian goldsmithing.

Aura Blue represents the healing nature of water and the power of stormy seas. It’s what separates bodies of land from one another, and it’s a marker of loyalty and fidelity. While blue conjures images of sky and sea, it’s also the color of bravery and dedication. Blue represents introspective journeys and symbolizes wisdom and depth of understanding.

100% made in Italy, 100% Italian class.  


  • machined ebonite body/cap
  • twelve facets
  • piston filling system
  • 18 KT write gold nib size 6
  • ebonite feeder
  • rhodium plated trim
  • limited edition
  • International warranty
  • color: blue, teal, beige


Weight: 33 gr.
Length: 152 mm
Cap length: 68 mm
Cap diameter: 17 mm
Nib sizes: M, F, EF, B, STUB, F Flexy, Italic, Flexy
Flexy nib: available

Please note,  if you order B, Stub, Flexy, Italic nib
we may need 3 - 5 days more to dispatch your order

Shipping Information:

Free Worldwide delivery
Dispatch time: 7 working days*
Europe delivery UPS: 2 - 4 working days
USA/ Canada delivery UPS: 3 - 5 working days
Worldwide delivery: 5 - 10 working days

110.00 €

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