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M A D E   I N   I T A L Y
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We give you more

This is our motto.
Thanks to our experience, gained through years of work, our passion and our manufacturing skills,
we are able to offer you a valuable and exclusive product, designed for everyone.

Following the very latest government announcement regarding Coronavirus (issued by the Prime Minister on 21th March 2020)
we have taken the necessary decision to temporarily close our activity and shipping goods.

We know this will be disappointing news but this decision allows our staff to remain at home during this critical time.
We hope everyone stays safe during this time and we look forward to start our activity!


All orders placed from 22th March to 18th April will be processed from 20th of April 2020.
(we reserve the right to anticipate or postpone the reopening according to national communication authority)

Orders placed before 22th March 2020 will be regularly shipped!

For any further information
please contact our Customer Service!

What's new?

After many tests we are pleased to inform our customers, that the best performance of our flexy nib is only with our special ebonite feeder expressly made for it. The reason is that an easy and quick flexibility requires a bigger and constant flow of ink.
Hence, we are sorry to inform you that only the piston filling models can mount our flexy nib and  it is not  available on all models. All the same we are working in order to give the best performance also for the converter  pens in the future.

Flexy nib is available on models: Libra, Libra Ebonite, Nonagon, Michelangelo, Calypso, Costa Smeralda, Laguna Blue


The Italian Classic

L I M I T E D   E D I T I O N

ebonite feeder & solid gold nib 18kt

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Michelangelo Acqua
Michelangelo Classic
Nonagon Tundra

A   S M A L L   C O M P A N Y   A T   Y O U R   S E R V I C E..

We do not just sell a product. We design personal and unique writing instruments focusing on manufacturing skills, rather than on expensive advertising.
A dedicated support service is available to offer you technical support, but also to collect your suggestions,  so as to forge our products over time according to your needs, because quality is more important than a good advertising campaign.

T H E   B E S T   P R O D U C T   F O R   B E S T   R E S U L T

Our pens have all the 18k gold nib, like gold jewellery:
the best product for best results, because we do not compromise on quality.
Our writing instruments, including silver trim and solid silver pens, have always the best material/quality/price ratio on the market. Just look around to see if you can find a better product!

L E T    U S    S U R P R I S E   Y O U!

We will always offer you new products, new materials and new manufacturing processes,
bringing innovation and Italian tradition together, so as to give you exceptional quality and superb design.

Take your time browsing our website and you will find what you need!

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