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29 reviews
Thursday 07 Mar 2024
This is the third pen I have purchased. I am very impressed by the quality and the usability of the pens. They are both gorgeous, well finished and a joy to write with. The flexy nibs both fine and medium are amazing. Quality of service is at the same level as the products. All of this for very affordable prices, at least when compared with products in the same price range.
Sunday 16 Apr 2023
I bought my first Santini and the experience was the most special I have had in ordering and receiving a pen. Katrina was very helpful to me with the questions that I had and helped me tremendously. I bought the Libra Lord in acrylic and the white gold nib on it looks nice and is very smooth. This company makes their own nibs which is such a valuable thing to me as it makes their pens unique from other brands that don't. The way they package/wrap up the box is very memorable to me and makes it all such a treat to get a pen from this company. I recommend this company.
Miguel Ángel González López
Sunday 23 Oct 2022
This is my first Santini, a beautiful ebonite Libra Voyager. It writes very fine with a bit of feedback (I like that) and, when flexes, it delivers a juicy broad line letting you draw very pretty words. The superflexy is not a wet noodle but a nice semi-flex nib. I am very happy with the fountain and I am thinking about my second Santini with a cursive italic flexy nib. You can see real art and a magnificent artisan work in your products. Congratulations. I am really grateful to the Santini team and the way you care your pens and your customers, you're great, so I am becoming a Santini fan ;)
Just looking at the way you package your/ours fountain pens you can have an idea of the way you work. It's a small detail but Da Vinci said "details make perfection and perfection is not a detail". My second Santini is going to came soon.
Best regards to everybody and take care ;)
David Crouthamel
Saturday 09 Jul 2022
A truly beautiful pen (Michelangelo Classic). Wrote well right out of the box, The nib is smooth and wet - perfect!. Customer service was excellent - thanks Katrina. This pen is truly a pleasure to write with. I have just ordered my second pen.
Saturday 07 May 2022
I purchased the Libre Diamond Blue fountain pen with a broad nib. The pen that arrived was stunning in visual characteristics and even better than the photos on the Santini website. The pen is well crafted for all aspects of the clip, fittings and nib. The piston knob is easy to operate and fills smoothly.

Th nib is an 18kt white gold broad size. It writes smoothly with a small degree of enjoyable feedback which is a pleasant surprise. Generous level of ink flow is present. So far, I have tested it across many paper types such as Tomoe River 52gsm, Life bank paper, Franklin Christoph, HP32 paper and 160gsm sketchbook stock. The pen works really well across each surface and is a joy to use. I feel Santini Italia provides a great ratio of value to price.

Katrina's service via the website chat and email was excellent and helpful to make my final purchase. This is a refreshing level of customer service. I hope that you enjoy your first or next Santini Italia purchase.
Birju Patel
Monday 28 Mar 2022
I got two pens so far, Libra Mustang and Giant Brown Onyx. Both of these pens are superb in terms of aesthetics and usability. I love Santini's penmanship, designs and custom nibs. On top of that excellent customer relationship. Thank you so much Katrina for all the support you have shown. Based on this experience, I have ordered two more pens, and I highly encourage you all out there to do so and experience these pens yourself.

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