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2020-11-14 15:19:56
Hi There,

I would like to thank you for providing customer service until my problem is resolved. The support I have received from Katrina was marvelous.
My next fountain pen would be either Taj Mahal and/or Eiffel or maybe a customized design.
2020-11-12 13:48:30
Libra ambra 18K "m"
Splendid, marvelous and impressive!!!
Need no to say about its beauty.
Nib is in the perfect harmony with its smoothness and juiciness of feeder.

The only one flaw is that the weak gold-plating of the clip. It was already torn off on arrival.
That may be a trivial factor, but is indeed significant to the customer. Hope to see you get better quaility on next purchase.

In anyway, Libra is a fabulous fountain pen for sure! I say that my next Santini pen would be either Nonagon or Black Diamond.

Thanks for all your kind reaction and the best writing instrument.
2020-10-29 08:25:29
At the end of the day, pulling the trigger on a Santini XF, which was my first experience with Santini, was inevitable. There's no denying that Santini represents well a deep meaning of the word "craftsmanship." The build quality is impeccable. Writing with Santini is an exceptional experience...smoothness (even with XF), soundness and also sound itself. Starting to wonder how painstaking it is to craft this simply irresistible nib. Nothing writes like Santini...whereby form and function can faultlessly collide!
2020-10-27 14:57:39
Dear Santini team,

now I get to finally the time to report to you that the pen not only safely arrived a few days ago, but that it is magnificent! It is a gorgeous looking and writes beautifully. What a nib! Also: Your packaging, magnificent. I really felt treated specially. Thank you do much for the very kind and effective service.
M. Siber
2020-10-27 12:40:26
I received the pen today (very fast shipping!!).
It is beautiful and supremely elegant. I am so impressed by the craftsmanship, design and material of your pens, as well as by the beautiful and flawless nib.
I suspect that, by bypassing pen dealers (“middle man”) and selling directly to collectors, you’ve been able to keep the prices quite reasonable.
I have a lot of pens, from different manufacturers, in my collection. I can honestly tell you that this pen is worth more than what I paid for!!!
Mike Johnson
2020-10-21 08:56:06
I have received my Black Diamond pen today. WOW !!! I have no enough words to say how beautiful this pen is! It is something incredible!! The brilliant surface, 3D greek rings and solid rose gold nib make this pen unique. F Flixy nib writes smooth, it is easy to flex and has a perfect ink flow, the feed keeps perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase and will be back soon for my second Santini pen!! Greetings from California!
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