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Average Vote: 155.0/5
Harlan Tait
2020-06-04 11:01:12
I ordered my pen directly from the company. Communication was great, and the pen arrived quickly. I value the fact that the nib was made in-house. I am very pleased with its responsive nature. The finish of the pen is tasteful and perfect. It is a joy to write with. Thank You!
2020-05-04 22:56:11
I bought the Nonagon Kalahari. It has beautiful shape and color, and it is of perfect size and balance to write with. The nib is beautifully engraved and writes super smooth. I cannot praise enough the friendly customer service by Katrina. Highly recommended.
2020-05-02 15:21:42
The Santini Nonagon Flamingo with a Chinese choreography nib is beautiful and an excellent writer!
Thank you for making such superb instrument!
Ernest Toh
2020-05-02 09:25:36
The product which I bought is the Libra Oasis with F Flexy Nib. The section length is just nice and comfortable. The weight is balance and the aesthetic look is awesome! The flex nib is fantastic with almost no effort to achieve line variation. Everything about this pen is almost perfect (if there is a ink window, that will be perfect. But this will not be a stopper for me to go for another Santini product). Most importantly, the Customer service which I have received from Santini team is excellent! I am sure this will not be my last order with Santini! Awesome product with a great team! Thank you Katrina and Santini team!
2020-05-02 09:08:29
Fantastic product! Thank you Santini Italia team!
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