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Leonardo da Vinci - Lady with Ermine

€ 1500 (VAT not incl.)

The small portrait is generally called The Lady with the Ermine was painted in oils on a wooden panel. Oil paint was relatively new to Italy at the time, having been introduced in the 1470s. Lady with an Ermine” is a Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, from around 1489-1490, Siena’s treasure. And a secret love.

100% Made in Italy
Limited edition 00/01


A 15th century painting by Leonardo da Vinci depicting a woman holding an ermine is the subject of a new study by a scientist who claims that the Renaissance master created multiple versions of the painting, including one without the small mammal.
Thanks to incredible manual skills of painter we decided to reproduce this piece of Art in a very small Limited Series, just one piece, like a real art of Leonardo da Vinci, a real micro painting.
The rings of the pen are simple and essential completes the body of the pen. Cap decoration has a renascent motive decoration.
Solid gold nib 18 Kt.

100% made in Italy, 100% Italian class.  


  • body hand painted
  • machined acrylic resin
  • converter filling system
  • 18 KT gold nib size 6
  • solid sterling silver rings 925
  • limited edition 00/01
  • International warranty


Weight: 81 gr.
Length: 136,5 mm
Cap diameter: 17,8 mm
Nib sizes: M, F, EF, B, STUB, Italic
Flexy nib: momentary not available

Please note,  if you order B, Stub, Italic nib
we may need 3 - 5 days more to dispatch your order

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Europe delivery UPS: 2 - 4 working days
USA/ Canada delivery UPS: 3 - 5 working days
Worldwide delivery: 5 - 10 working days

A piece of Art
Leonardo Da Vinci

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