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Michelangelo Classic

€ 550 (VAT not incl.)

A faceted jewel that brings back all the best Italian tradition of writing.
Twelve faces made from a material never used for this pen model : the ebonite.  
This unique material was the first used for the production of pens in the history of writing.
Italian Heritage.

100% Made in Italy
Limited edition 98/98

1 pcs in stock

dispatch time 7 working days
550.00 €

Ebonite was the first material used for the production of pens in the history of writing. Each piece has its own coloration that makes it unique. A long and expert processing and a fully hand-crafted polished will make you appreciate all the beauty of this material: light, touch-pleasing and refined. The precious rings that decorate the body, are made from fusion as in the best tradition of Italian goldsmithing.

100% made in Italy, 100% Italian class.  

Available in colors: Classic, Acqua, The Eagle Wings, Abissi
On request is available with bronze or rhodium trim

  • machined ebonite body/cap
  • twelve facets
  • 3D fusion rings
  • piston filling system
  • 18 KT gold nib size 6
  • ebonite feeder
  • gold plated trim
  • limited edition
  • International warranty


Weight: 33 gr.
Length: 152 mm
Cap length: 68 mm
Cap diameter: 17 mm
Nib sizes: M, F, EF, B, STUB, F Flexy, Italic, Flexy
Flexy nib: available

Please note,  if you order B, Stub, Flexy, Italic nib
we may need 3 - 5 days more to dispatch your order

Shipping Information:

Free Worldwide delivery
Dispatch time: 5/7 working days*
Europe delivery UPS: 2 - 4 working days
USA/ Canada delivery UPS: 3 - 5 working days
Worldwide delivery: 5 - 10 working days

100.00 €

Michelangelo Abissi - MABI001
Immediate availability
550.00 €
Michelangelo Acqua - MCA001
This product is unavailable.
550.00 €
Michelangelo Classic - MCL001
Immediate availability
550.00 €
Michelangelo The Eagle Wings - MEW001
Limited availability
550.00 €

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