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N I N E   F A C E T E D   F O U N T A I N   P E N
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Nonagon Classic - Garnet

€ 460 (VAT not incl.)

A new diamond complements Santini Italia's range of faceted pens.  
Nonagon, the design of a nine-sided pen. Born to accentuate all the unique and precious geometry of this model.  
Now available in acrylic resin.

100% Made in Italy

in stock
dispatch time 7 working days
460.00 €

The geometric design emblematic of the Nonagon collection marries elegance and modernity. With their square facets, the Nonagon Classic fountain pens embody style, sophistication and glamour.
3D ring design is made by lost - wax technique like in the best jewelry craftsmanship. Each pen is timelessly elegant and offers outstanding writing comfort. Piston filling system, solid white gold nib 18 kt.

100% made in Italy, 100% Italian class.  


  • machined acrylic resin
  • nine facets
  • color: blue
  • 3D ring design
  • piston filling system
  • 18 KT silid white gold nib size 6
  • ebonite feeder
  • rhodium plated trim
  • International warranty


Weight: 30,3 gr.
Length: 152 mm
Cap length: 68 mm
Cap diameter: 17 mm
Body diameter: 15,3 mm
Nib sizes: M, F, EF, B, STUB, F Flexy, Italic, Architect
Flexy nib: available
Superflexy nib: available only in yellow gold

Please note,  if you order B, Stub, Flexy, Italic nib
we may need 3 - 5 days more to dispatch your order

Shipping Information:

Free delivery: Europe, USA, Canada
Dispatch time: 7 working days*
Europe delivery UPS: 2 - 4 working days
USA/ Canada delivery UPS: 3 - 5 working days
Worldwide delivery: 5 - 10 working days

110.00 €

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